Bonzai believes in respect and it works to ensure that a quality that is so fundamental is guaranteed across the board.

Bonzai believes in respect and it works to ensure that a quality that is so fundamental is guaranteed across the board.
Personal relationships, contractual conditions, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, as well as plain and simple good manners: Bonzai is firmly committed to guaranteeing ethics, respect and support. From a corporate sustainability perspective, this line of conduct means adopting pragmatic, tangible “green practices” that have an immediate social and environmental impact. Putting words into actions.

Sustainability Program

This is a binding commitment the company decided to adopt to guarantee virtuous conduct in the environmental, economic and social fields.
Bonzai will put this ambitious programme into practice in order to draft its first

Sustainability Report for 2022.



Bonzai believes in the power of relationships and in properly recognising the commitment of all professionals involved in the corporate development project, according to the essential rule that “people come before business”. Our code of ethics testifies to this commitment.

The impact of activities conducted in this respect within the company will be recorded in the Sustainability Report that Bonzai will draw up on 31.12.2022


“Give in order to receive” is another of the key rules that inspired Bonzai as it developed its world. It means knowing that you have to say thank you, but also that you can help give back what you have taken away from the environment. Which is why we have undertaken a multi-year project in collaboration with ZeroCO2 involving the planting of 800 new fruit plants as part of a reforestation project in Guatemala that will offset about 430.750 kg of CO2 over 15 years and support 16 farming families.


Bonzai believes in the power of community and in the important role that a company can play in it. We are therefore proud to support associations and organisations that are engaged in various social fields in the places where we operate.
During 2021, we decided to lend our support to:

AMACI PER BENE, a voluntary association supporting Paediatric Surgery in Bologna

ASSOCIAZIONE VITAS, a voluntary organisation that provides clinical assistance and human comfort to families, in particular to children, who have someone at home suffering from a terminal illness, supporting them all the way from acceptance of the illness to bereavement


In this section you can report behaviour, risks, and crimes or irregularities (committed or attempted) to the detriment of our group.

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