We have a surname and intend to wear it with pride, in the knowledge that it has to be earned by working with dedication, more quickly, always keeping one step ahead, and sometimes thinking outside the box. No sooner said than done.


Bonzai puts its lengthy experience in the sector at the service of its partner companies, with the aim of offering an innovative vision of doing logistics.

It is a next-generation company that capitalises on the know-how it has acquired, its flair for experimenting, and its aptitude for sustainability and innovation to guarantee fast, innovative, tailor-made responses.

Part engineer, part warrior, in the integrated logistics world, Bonzai is the new battle cry that promises resolve, expertise, ability, experience and openness to an unconventional approach, but only when it can really help to satisfy demands with solutions that increasingly need to be customised. All you have to do is ask.


Bonzai is the natural progression in the career path of a family that is used to taking on new challenges. A family that believes in work, in competition, in meritocracy, and in the power of new ideas.

Courage and vision are two of the fundamental values that the personality of this new company is based on, together with a natural flair for innovation, flexibility, and respect for people.

Bonzai means sustainable logistics for the banking, transport, luxury, fashion and consumer goods sectors...at a click of the fingers.

Bonzai is red: enthusiasm, speed, precision, excitement.
It’s black too: power, authority, personality. A blank sheet soon to be filled with a success story. Bonzai has a unique and original “character”, with the pure energy needed to deliver performance.

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