People First – Rosy Abbà

A Textile Technician, she focuses on Fashion customers with a love for her work that she declares without restraint. With her dressmaker mother, she grew up breathing fashion, handling fabrics from an early age. Within the company, the confrontation with the customer is daily in order to carry out at best that phase of fabric control that in the slang of this world is called ‘visit’, to be carried out with rigour on machines that are called ‘speculums’ or ‘tribunals’ (fabric inspection machines). And so it is that a chat with Rosy turns into a ‘Lectio Magistralis’ full of respect for fabrics and infused with charm. 
During the rest of the day, she is a voracious reader, as evidenced by the many bookshelves full of titles furnishing the new house she has just bought with her husband. 

Her unconventional side? In the battles that matter, she throws herself headlong into them. And her sister calls her Don Quixote.

Thanks for being Bonzai!

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