People First – Lorenzo Cattani

Warehouse Supervisor & Coordinator at the Settala, Milan site, he boasts twenty years’ experience in the logistics field, well distributed between e-commerce, retail and large-scale retail trade. His inborn passion for “customer satisfaction management” can be summed up with the quote on the wall behind his desk “There is only one boss. The customer” (Sam Walton).
In his private life, on the other hand, he holds countless interests, from motors to travel, cinema, theatre and multimedia communication, which he has studied for years, while music accompanies every moment of his day. An all-round creative talent then, if you think that his writing ‘Simply Thoughts’ was awarded a prize in 2008 by the jury of the ‘Premio Pieve di Santo Stefano – Archivio Diaristico Nazionale’. 

His ‘unconventional’ side? He proudly declares a past as an entertainer for weddings and private parties.

Thanks for being Bonzai.

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Oggi abbiamo partecipato, come partner e come spettatori interessati, all’11° RETAIL & REAL ESTATE  “Le grandi sfide del retail e i nuovi equilibri tra canali di vendita”, organizzato da Confimprese.

People First – Erika Piccionetti

An admin clerk in the ‘kit’ department in Montaletto, Ravenna, she deals with delivery notes, orders, inventories, and if necessary becomes a valuable substitute, ready to lend a hand in the warehouse or in other departments, with an always positive approach to work.

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