People First – Lidia Costanzo

As Site Coordianator, she is responsible for the logistics of the Oderzo site, from customer relations, to warehouse management, to ‘Worldwide’ shipments, to administrative paperwork; hundreds of sheets that must always be in the right place! Summarising the essence of her work in a single word, we could speak of ‘Precision’, strictly with a capital P, the same letter as Personality, which Lidia certainly does not lack, together with a remarkable energy. Her private life is centred on two great interests, that of reading (James Patterson’s thrillers… How can you not love Alex Cross?) but above all love and respect for her family, starting from the splendid sense of togetherness that unites her with her daughter Francesca, to the unbreakable relationship with her four brothers, who always know how to support each other at the times that count.

His unconventional side? Mini dachshund, which she can never say no to.

Thanks for being Bonzai!

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