New BFashion site in Pomezia

As of March 2022, BFashion Pomezia (RM) site will be operational, dedicated to the flat and  hanging garment management activity of a leading brand in the fashion industry. The warehouse is inside a logistic platform of about 30,000 square metres equipped with all the best security systems as it was created for the storage of bank documents.

The BFashion warehouse is therefore suitable for handling high-value products in the luxury sector.


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People First – Davide Mitro

Warehouse Manager of the Montaletto (Cervia) site, he organises the daily workflows in the warehouse by planning the activities of the departments and personnel assigned to them, all according to the principle of ‘getting straight to the point’.

5 Again!

The partnership between BFASHION and DAN JOHN has been renewed for the next 5 years in the name of advanced automation, with a sorting system for hanging garments of 750,000 units and one for flat garments of 2.5 million.

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