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Bonzai Sobrero

Meetings between Bonzai and high school students continue, in order to give them important indications with a view to career orientation.

Luigi Bonzano, Bonzai’s CEO, together with Giovanni Ferraro (Head of Engineering) and Ilenia Francese (Order Management Specialist) talked passionately with the high school 5th grade of the logistics section of the Istituto Tecnico Sobrero of Casale Monferrato, analysing the process of assigning orders and the processing of a technical project of logistics warehouse management.

Their attention, interest and active participation made us very proud of this collaboration, which aims to create the prerequisites for possible professional paths to be offered to the students of our territory, in an international context.


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New Important Goals

Knowing how to improve enables us to meet increasingly higher standards and, thanks to this proactive spirit, Bonzai achieves new important goals.

In Support Of The Monferrato and its People

Harambee, Casa di Stefano, Anffas, Casa Mia, Santa Teresa and Banco Alimentare. These are voluntary associations that have always been committed to supporting Monferrato and the people who live there.

People First – Stefano Nasi

Site Coordinator in the consumer sector at the Portogruaro (VE) site, he is in charge of material management, plant organisation, personnel

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